Last Updated: January, 13, 2016


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Weather Conditions near Summit Lake

Winter weather conditions on the Summit Lake Reservation ("Reservation") are unpredictable.  Take all reasonable precautions. 

Know what services are available and not available.  The nearest Hospital with air transport capability to the Summit Lake Reservation is St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon, 800-621-5433.  You must have the Longitude and Latitude readings for their helicopter to find you.

The federal government has several methods to let tribal members know what the weather conditions are.  For weather warnings, fire weather watch warnings and hazardous weather outlooks, in the Denio or rural areas near Summit Lake, the National Weather Service Forecast Office provides an excellent service, click here.

Remember the above weather advisories: thunder storms with heavy (or hard) rains (unu powma-wunu), lightening (tukwukwetze'pu) and thunder (nunu'a), snow and hail are always a possibility.  Watch the horizons in all four directions.  Do not try to drive across flash flood waters--they appear deceptively shallow; it only takes a couple inches of water to move a vehicle and help overturn it.

Road Conditions at Summit Lake

Summit Lake and the surrounding area are subject to weather warnings (e.g. thunder storms with heavy (or hard) rains (unu powma-wunu), lightening (tukwukwetze'pu) and thunder (nunu'a), and hail and snow, on and off, creating large mud puddles and slippery and dangerous road conditions when snow and ice are added to the mix.

Carry tire chains, rope, tow straps, food and water, and make sure your winch is working properly.  Carry appropriate clothing for below zero weather, and consider safe means of keeping your vehicle heated if you become stranded.  Make sure people know your route of travel and what to do if you do not reach your destination on time.

Hope your travels all have rainbows (pe'a-tukwunudu), the sign of goodness.

PUBLIC ALERT - Due to harsh winter conditions impacting the region, roads through the Summit Lake Indian Reservation are impassable and are seasonally closed. This notice is effective as of January 5, 2016, roads will remain closed until further notice.