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Non-Point Source Pollution.

Non-Point Source (NPS) Pollutants are a problem on the Summit Lake Reservation.  Click here to find out what NPS Pollutants are.

The Summit Lake Paiute Tribe is pleased to offer a Student Services Program for children of enrolled Tribal Members for the 2014-2015 school year.  Students can receive assistance for school supplies and other school-related items.  Click here to view a flyer describing the Program.  Click here for the Application Form.  Click here for a letter to be filled out by the school verifying the student's enrollment.  Fax or mail your completed application and other documents discussed in the flyer to the Tribal office:  1001 Rock Blvd, Sparks, NV  89431, Fax 775-827-9678.  The Council Liaison will be able to answer any questions you have about the program.  They can be reached at 775-827-9670.

Higher Education Application Materials for Tribal Members
Providing the means by which tribal members can achieve their educational goals is a priority of the Summit Lake Paiute Council.  Contact the Tribe's Primary Administrative Office to obtain the Tribe's Higher Education Application documents.  The documents are also available on the Tribe's web site.  The documents here can either be printed or downloaded and are both in a PDF and Word format.  Have the Financial Aid Office at your college or university mail the original documents to the Tribe (1001 Rock Blvd, Sparks, Nevada 89431-4337).  For a complete copy of the forms and Higher Education Guidelines, click here.

Deadlines for applications are (see page 4 of Guidelines):
July 15th  (Fall Quarter/Semester)
Nov  15th   (Winter Quarter/Spring Semester)
Feb 20th  (Spring Quarter)

Application Documents:
Higher Education Scholarship Application (Word)
Higher Education Scholarship Application (PDF)
Needs Analysis Summary (Word)
Needs Analysis Summary (PDF)
Education Repayment Agreement (Word)
Education Repayment Agreement (PDF)
***Interested In Helping Create the Tribe's Future Leaders?***
Click HERE to read the Higher Education Committee Flyer
(New Deadline-December 7, 2015)
Posted 11/19/2015