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On behalf of the Summit Lake Paiute Council, WELCOME

             2012-2015 COUNCIL MEMBERS ELECTED MAY 19, 2012

We are pleased to announce the new Summit Lake Paiute Tribal Council, sworn into   office on Monday, May 21, 2012.  Congratulations!           

  • Randi DeSoto, Chairwoman
  • Delgadina Gonzalez, Vice-Chairwoman
  • Elizabeth DeLaLuz, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jerry Barr, Member

We welcome new Council Member Page Linton, sworn into office on Saturday, October 11, 2014.  Congratulations!

  • Page Linton, Member



                    Visit the Council Members page on this website for new pictures.                
                    Swearing In with Daryl Crawford           Signing Oath of Office
                    Executive Director, Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada
MISSION STATEMENT: Our Mission is to Promote Conservation, Protection and Enhancement of Tribal Natural Resources.

WELCOME STATEMENT:  The Summit Lake Reservation is the most remote Indian reservation in Nevada.  Located in the upper left hand corner of Nevada, the Reservation is 50 miles south of the Oregon border and 70 miles east of the California border (to view a map, click here).

All of the Tribe's departments have one goal: to protect the Reservation's resources.  The Natural Resources Department is quite active with a wide array of programs funded through various Federal agencies.  All Departments assert the Tribe's sovereignty in protecting the environment, natural resources, and public health of the Summit Lake Indian Reservation and the Tribe's traditional territory where Tribal members still retain rights to  hunt, fish, gather traditional foods and medicine, and conduct spiritual and religious practices.

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